How to Play Game Clash Of Clans in LAPTOP

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Clash Of Clans 2016

Clash Of Clans 2016

Hit2k.comGame Clash Of Clans or often called the COC is one of the most phenomenal android game today. Millions of people have played this game COC on their Android phone. The COC game players are often referred to as clasher. Well maybe some people began to wonder if there is a way to play COC on a laptop or computer? The answer is they can, we can play the game clash of clans in the laptop or computer with the help of android emulator course. Well after the admin review some existing emulator android, android emulator turns out the most suitable and stable to play on a laptop COC is Bluestack.

Bluestack android emulator can play the game COC with very satisfactory results. There is no lag and also when typing a message in a chat smoothly once. You are playing the game in the COC Android phone with medium or low spec, definitely feel the lag and also distress typing in chat. This is certainly very disturbing and annoying is not it? Therefore, please immediately download emulator Bluestack on the link below.

After you download the Bluestack, now is the time to install the Bluestack to a laptop or computer. Once installed, you simply open the application and go to google Bluestack playstore. Use the gmail account that you’ve created on the computer, do not create a new Google account in Bluestack, because it is usually very hard to verify when the phone number. Now is the time you download games play store COC of these and you can directly play games on your laptop COC.


Oh yes for those of you who have problems Bluestack can not connect to the internet, please download the first BS Net Blocker on the link below, then click “Allow Internet Connection”. Bluestack Well now you are able to connect to the internet and you can play on a laptop with a comfortable COC.

That’s how to play the COC in a laptop that can admin share this time. Hopefully what we share here can be beneficial to all the comrades Hit2k.

Download : Game Clash Of Clans  Bluestack

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