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Hotspot Shield Elite

Hotspot Shield Elite – Hotspot Shield Elite is a software latest full premium version of Hotspot Shield advanced Fiture sophisticated we can feel free.what is Hotspot Shield? Hotspot Shield is a software that is useful to us who want to surf the Internet safely, because we will be given an IP abroad. and in protecting the privacy of our data security.

then what to do with foreign IP. ?a problem sometimes arises not only of us who want to surf securely to hide our identity, but the site or sites that are sometimes blocked IP forum Indonesia is also very uncomfortable and in this way will we be able to access it.

It could also be a buddy who wants to play games online, but our IP in Blocking, Hotspot Shield Elite 5.20.7 latest full this will be very helpful.

or also Ever get the message “Internet Positive”. how do its collapse. This install. CEER top guarantee that the site, seamless . excess in the Elite premium version of this course, we can feel a VPN (virtual private nerwork) fast, not slow like other IP Hider. Secure, safe


Step activation (note)

  • Download Host => “Host” or “Host
  • Then Extract, and then copy it and paste it to Host:

=> C: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc

(Replace Host Lama, or to ever edit the “Host” Adjust to the needs pal)

Host list


  • then Install “HSS-5.0.4-install-plain-714-plain.exe”
  • then follow through to completion finish
  • then please Unlock folder “Hotspot Shield” in:

C: \ Program Files (x86)

  1. Using IObit Unlocker => IObit Unlocker
  2. Then right-click ‘HSS-5.20.7-nodrv-update’, select Run as Administrator
  3. Wait until the update process is complete, and Hotshop Shield Will appear alone
  4. then Unlock folder “Hotspot Shield” it
  5. After that, press “Windows Logo + R) on the keyboard, type in:% temp%
  6. delete all its contents, which can not be deleted, Skip aja
  7. only now, open the folder patch, Copy “Hss_Elite.exe”
  8. and paste to:

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Hotspot Shield \ bin

  • The first “Delete” af_proxy_cmd.exe “, then right click” Hss_Elite.exe “
  • Select run as administrator
  • click the “ELITE” wait smapai finished
  • and please restart
  • enjoy, Update,

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