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Download Windows 10 Pro

Download Windows 10 Pro / Enterprise 1511 Build 10586 Latest – Download Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft yesterday unveiled the latest generation operating system called Windows 10. The ceremony was promised that the preview version of Windows October (today) will be available on the company’s website to download. But if you’re one of those that you like without delay to download the OS and also pay interest F5 consecutive nights also to Microsoft’s website, you can preview or thereabouts at 7 and 30 minutes to the time of Windows 10 from the Microsoft download site.

It should be noted that this version is limited and can not naturally contain errors and facilities to be Art Avmyastfadh. So if you install the Windows operating system make sure that your home along with it. According to Microsoft, the minimum hardware required to install Windows 10, Windows 8 will be like.


This is a preview version to use and test the company created more and better version with more features public consumers early next year and will be released simultaneously with Microsoft Build Conference.
If you have Microsoft accuracy ceremony last night, a large amount of features and changes in Windows 10 was introduced. Despite the new search, Notification Center, Cortana, remove the fourth time and a lot of other things that in the coming months and to review changes in the Windows Add or will be emphasized. It is not clear which of the items listed in the preview version will take place today.

Windows 10 :

One of the questions that have users, the presence of Cortana in Windows 10. Although it is said that this feature is intended for these platforms in the coming months, however bogus website The Verge picture of the performance of the personal assistant of Windows 10 was released.


Download:  Windows 10 Pro / Enterprise 1511 Build 10586 

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