What is The Best “deal” Video Games You have Done?

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Video Games you Have done?

Black Friday and good – and limited – cases have reminded us to “successes” achieved in the field of video game purchases (and related products). Is it that one day you made a “big blow” video games on a limited or rare product? This is the question of the weekend.

Video games you have done?


Video Games 2015

We can speak of a very good bundle as one who went to fourth gear Thursday midnight, but we can also talk of buying a game / console of a rare super recovered (e video games) at a flea market or in a desert, a game / a limited console (s) or product (s) for a special event (Playstation poke “20th Anniversary”) or even a super rare goodie (amiibo buggy, figurine , etc.).

Notes encrypted in video game testing is a long tradition of the web and the clipboard. It is somehow necessary because video games are an investment for the consumer, especially when young. It is normal that such expensive cultural product be treated in terms of the test, to ensure that the player will have to pay for.

However, it also raises many questions. Can we really quantify the intrinsic quality of a game, just with a note, either 5, 10 or 100? And by extension, can you summarize the quality of a game with its Metacritic rating, this site that averages a very large sample publication through an opaque algorithm?
The numerical score can thus have a significant economic impact for a studio. Some contracts between a publisher and a developer can include a “clause Metacritic”. That is to say a sum of money that will be paid to the developer if his game exceeds a metascore, often 80 or 85.


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