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VIVO X6 Smartphone – Xplay 5S is not the only Android device that is ready to be announced VIVO X6, smartphone manufacturers from China. Vivo has recently released a teaser phablet X6. Based on the teaser, phablet Vivo X6 will be announced on November 11.

Vivo has not announced specifications phablet X6. Rumor says Vivo X6 will be the first mobile device that has 1GB of RAM specifically for graphics support. With 1GB of RAM that is dedicated specifically for graphics, it will make the Vivo X6 becomes slow when used to edit photos.

Specifically, the specification that carried Vivo reported X6 include a screen size of 6 inches with a resolution rate of Qua HD (1440 x 2560), deca-core MediaTek chipset X20 Helio and 4GB of RAM. Other specifications, phablet X6 Vivo reported using the internal storage capacity of 32GB and a 4000mAh battery.

For photographic needs, prospective first phablet with special ddikasi 1GB RAM for graphics comes 21MP rear camera and powered a shutter button so that users can more quickly take pictures. Vivo reported phablet X6 runs on the Android 5.1 operating system Lollipop.

No information on how the price Vivo X6. If interested, you can continue to monitor developments in Gopego X6 Vivo!



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