Tor Browser Bundle 5.0.4 For Windows 10 Latest 2015

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Tor Browser

Tor Browser For Windows 10

Ever Among us busy looking for proxy to only open the site in Block blockir operator or Internet service provider.? Find complicated here and there a new proxy for just passing through “The site is in Blockir because it contains, Porno action (hehe. Oops .. one), Gambling, and so on), or want to open a site that does not allow IP Indonesia to join with the site. Repot with configuration Tunneling, SSH, and other configurations.? TOR BROWSER will facilitate conduct by Anonymous Browsing by bypassing any form of “The site is in Block because it contains bla..bla..blaa.”

Maybe from my friend all there is Upset with Speedy in the office has been in the settings for memblockir favorite online games. ha ha. Capsuus, use the secret weapon of the Tor Browser

Or maybe when we want to open the site, and the browser gives an error message, which reads “The server at can not be found, Because The DNS lookup failed”, it is because there is a DNS configuration error, to overcome it is usually many ways by means of flush dns,, DNS settings manually, or so on, then what if it does not become jawabn right ..? Everything with Tor Browser will open. easy

Tor Browser is a browser technology that was developed from technology Mozilla Firefox, which by Tor Browser Developer modified for us who want to get rid of the filter Sites that memblockir Ip our country.

Tor Browser mengincluded the automatic configuration of their network which we will be surfing the internet with Ip Overseas,

Tor Browser can be used when in need, because if we use the Tor Browser Account for the benefit of our account, of course this is not good. The good is only used as surfing the internet when we want to visit a site that we Ip memblockir.

Tor Browser is Portable, easy to use any computer without the need to perform the installation.

Tor Browser also helps us defend against a form of spying network that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis




Download: Tor Browser

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