Samsung GALAXY A8, Smartphone Mandatory Young Active and Gaul

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of activities with time to hang out and go to a place that is exciting, is not it? Now, especially in the era of all-round gadget certainly more practical if you have a smartphone but it can give you all the things that are needed, such as the camera with the photos are okay

Samsung GALAXY A8


Samsung GALAXY A8

Where’s young people who have no social media, ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to really be used to share photos from selfie, groufie, macro photos, landscape photos, and the most popular are photos of the food. Until now a lot of people on where to eat better equipped with his camera than with cutlery, all of that for the purposes of self-existence in the social media phenomenon tentunya.Melihat very modern gadget is certainly need a smartphone with modern features as well, this time Samsung GALAXY A8 ready to satisfy the gadget lovers, especially young people who like traveling, culinary, fashion trends to follow the young man who always exist with new things.

What Sih Cool Samsung GALAXY A8?

Samsung GALAXY A8 will provide features that are certainly needed young people are hanging out and having a myriad of activities, such as traveling which requires a bright screen, long battery life and a camera capable of producing a good photo with the light conditions are manifold , Samsung GALAXY A8 is able to accommodate all these things. With the 4G LTE connection, supports uploading videos to YouTube even live streaming can be run smoothly.

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For young people social media enthusiast, especially Instagram, certainly love to post photos from selfie up photos of food or more commonly known as food photography. Food Photography of course requires a lot of storage capacity due to the many photos taken as well as the quality of the camera so that the images are qualified food can make the beholder to swallow. 16 MP camera and an aperture of f / 1.9 on the Samsung GALAXY A8 certainly ensure your pictures will be bright because more light to be received by the camera. In addition MicroSD external memory support up to 128GB certainly capable enough to store a lot of photos.

In terms of fashion, Samsung GALAXY A8 will support your appearance certainly with metal uni-body that looks elegant and Super Narrow Bezel showing Samsung GALAXY A8 is a smartphone with a luxurious look. Samsung GALAXY A8 also has a very thin thickness level to Samsung GALAXY series dubbed as the most thin.


In terms battery also, the Samsung GALAXY A8 uses a battery capacity of 3000mAh, this smartphone certainly durable even if used all day. Young children still obliged to have a smartphone Samsung GALAXY A8 is capable of delivering the features and facilities for you who have a myriad of activities and wide connections. And certainly increasingly exist in social media.