Pre-order BlackBerry Priv, Free Case & Car Charger 2016

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Pre-order BlackBerry Priv,

Pre-order BlackBerry Priv, – Priv BlackBerry officially released yesterday in the United States and Canada. Not only Android-based smartphone OS that makes it attractive, but also the use of a dual-curve display and sliding QWERTY keyboard. The handset is also said to receive updates Android Marshmallow next year.

Consumers in the United States and Canada have been able to get BlackBerry Priv directly at AT & T and Telus. As for pre-order has started in September at the BlackBerry website, although consumers who have ordered the devices still do not get it even if the device has been available for direct purchase.

BlackBerry reveal if the current delivery device has been started and will take a few days until the device reaches the consumer who have booked through pre-order. To treat disappointment, BlackBerry gives a free slide-out hard shell case is worth $ 39.99 and a “premium in-vehicle charger” for the buyer.

But this gift will not be delivered at the same time with a smartphone. Each customer will receive an email explaining how to “make it up”.

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