How To Get Fired at Google 2016

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How To Get Fired at Google 2016

How To Get Fired at Google 2016 – During this time the news about the experience of working at Google are dominated by how many facilities to pamper employees, and how Google is often able to become one of the top of the list of dream office. But behind the happy story must also have black sheets for certain parties, and that’s what makes a user submits a unique Quorra question: how it feels to be fired from Google?

The question immediately get a response from a number of respondents; The first is a man named Grigory Or some shaving, where he fired miscalculated the ability itself. Or some shaving admitted was admitted to running out of energy and tried to move to another division to restore productivity. But without knowing it, the destination field is a division that suck thinking much bigger than its ability, and it is even lower productivity even further.

“Division search service is a product of the largest and most elaborate in Google, and semantic search (a service that gives you a direct answer to a question rather than a series of links) is one of the team’s most intelligent and demanding high standards in Google. So after moving to the division’s productivity I was not recovered, but it gets worse. ”

Google had asked her to resign politely, but Yakushev rejected on the grounds that the salary offered by Google is too tempting to be abandoned. Predictably, Google is not happy with the response and request assurance that Yakushev was worth working at Google. Yakushev submitted a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan), which is an agreement that he could achieve certain targets within 2 months. But after a week Yakushev knew that he could not achieve the target set.

Yakushev had time to negotiate on the issue with his superiors, and had been threatened to be dismissed with dishonor. Yakushev boss considers that the request for two months was just subterfuge Yakushev that he still paid when not contribute anything to Google. Shortly thereafter, Yakushev was actually fired from Google.

The next story coming from a UX designer named Michael O. Church not formally dismissed, but was forced to resign and conditions are similar as dishonorable discharge. Church stressed that the experience led to a big question mark for anyone who asks about his CV, as he stepped down from Google in less than a year after work, whereas Google is famous as an ideal place to work. Church also advised that working at Google is going to be a very valuable asset for any career.

There are many more detailed things and other stories of people who are marginalized in Google. To read more, just visit the page on Quora.

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