How to Change IP Address in Android

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Those who would like to access the internet or browsing from Android certainly very disturbing when we can not open certain websites due to the sensor or the requirement to open the website for instance only in certain countries only. So for your regular browsing on Android is no way to change IP in Android in order to access all the sites.

How to Change IP Address in Android

  • First download Hotspot Shield VPN for Android and install.
  • After that you will go to the Home page where you can simply press the button Protect my connection!


  • After that comes the notice that Hotspot Shield VPN requesting permission to access your data connection to the network, check I trust this application, then Ok.


  • After that Hotspot Shield VPN will organize all your Internet connection configuration and change the IP with the latest IP, and if it is completed it will display a notification like this:


  • And successfully, you can open blocked websites now. For example, on the left is blocked websites and the right once successfully use the Hotspot Shield VPN.


So now you can open any website on your Android, even for adults who want to open the site of origin can be done responsibly. So congratulations and good luck browsing.


Hotspot Shield VPN for Android

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