Base set Formation Town Hall 4 Defense Trophy Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans Town Hall 4:


Clash of Clans Town Hall 4:

Looking for Defense Trophy formations best base for Town Hall 4 Clash of Clans (COC)? Here Hit2k  have compiled a wide range of image formations newest and best base that you can use to base Defense Trophy Town Hall level 4.

Base Town Hall 4 Defense Trophy

There are dozens of examples of image base Defense Trophy Town Hall level 4 that you can try. base Defense Trophy is the base that aims to protect the Town Hall in order not disintegrate easily. Base is focused on keeping the Trophy that are not easily captured opponents.

To you who are confused how to construct the best Trophy formation base in the Town Hall 4. Try using one of the dozens reference base picture Trophy Town Hall 4 which Hit2k summarized from clashofclansbuilder.

TH 4 Defense Base image Trophy

Here is an example of the arrangement of the image formation base of Town Hall 4 Farming clash of clans latest and greatest.

base-defense-coc-th-4-1-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-2-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-3-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-4-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-5-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-6-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-7-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-8-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-9-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-10-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-11-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-12-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-13-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-14-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-15-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-16-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-17-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-18-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-19-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-20-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-21-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-22-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-23-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-24-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-25-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-26-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-27-Hit2k

base-defense-coc-th-4-29-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-30-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-31-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-32-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-33-Hit2k base-defense-coc-th-4-34-Hit2k