Windows 10 6 in1 10240 x86 / x64 en-US Sep2015 is here

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Windows 10 Activator

Windows 10 Activator 6 in 1 2015 – Windows 10 Activator 6 in 1 This means that the Windows bundled pack of some versions of Windows ie Home, Pro and Enterprise. Like the title already in the quote “Windows 10 6in1 10240 x86 / x64 en-US Sep2015”, the meaning of Sep2015 here is below these windows have terintergasi update until september 2015.

Of murphy itself as what makes Windows 10 became 6in1 initelah mendisablekan or disappear right Upgraded files. so for those who want to upgrade, can not use this, use the Windows 10 multiple Edition wrote already in sehare a few days ago.

version of Windows 10 Activator 6 in 1 10240 x86 / x64 en-US Sep2015 is that the 32-bit and 64 at separation. for those who wanted to have her please.



Download:  Windows 10 6in1

Step Install

  • once downloaded, please extract
  • then burning / create a bootable USB
  • then install regular seeprti
  • when installed, if requested serial number, in SKIP aj
  • KMSPico use a new activation or KMSAutoNet
  • done


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