PES 2013 Full Update 2016 2015 Transfer Season

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PES 2013 Full Update 2016 2015

PES 2013 Full Update 2016 2015 Transfer Season

Sure we’ve all been on the waiting Update Season / Summer 2015 2016 Transfer to PES 2013. Well. because in this 2013 version, a lot more happy lovers PES memain Hit2k in the appeal in versions 2014, 2015 (probably for reasons of Graphic unsatisfactory or specification also less jos) IMHO.

Patch Update searches season transfer or Update Kits Jersey PES 2013 2015 2016 for more and more. To that end, here trying to monitor and provide updates season 2015 2016 Transfer to PES 2013 to the Last Update.

We know a lot of the player transfer market, like heng Hit2k schweinsteiger of bundesliga bayern munich to Manchester United, Petr Cech Chelsea goalkeeper originally as a fortress is now a move to Arsenal, Steven Gerrard has now strengthen the LA Galaxy who had resigned from Liverpool.

Although there are many phenomenal transfers that occur up to a month after the opening of the summer transfer window in 2015, that does not mean there is no movement did most surprising big clubs. proven, of Manchester City managed to hijack Raheem Sterling who actually predicted as a future player of Liverpool.

But the trend is different, clearly visible in the transfer market this time. At the beginning of this 2015/2016 season, just a lot of players with big names released for free. For example, Steven Gerrard, James Milner and Tom Cleverly, they were all released the club without asking for a penny fee to the club reservoirs. Thanks To Ghulam Muhuddeen


PES 2013 season 2016 1-Hit2k PES 2013 season 2016 2-Hit2k PES 2013 season 2016 4-Hit2k PES 2013 season 2016-Hitk


His step Note

Nb. If PES 2013 should long have been mixed with foreign Patch Patch, Better Uninstall used to all. Fresh Install PES 2013 and its

Download PES 2013 if no

  • Make sure the PATCH 6.0 PES 2013 has been installed
  • Please first Test Play PES 2013 Patch 6.0 if already on Install.
  • PES Positive if it is going well, now, Install PESEdit its 2016 Season
  • Right click “Pesedit.Season.15.16.kuyhAa.exe” select run as administrator
  • furthermore, click Browse and locate the installation folder of his game PES 2013, See example

Install PES 2013 Season-Hit2k

  • Once the process is completed
  • Next, open the folder “OF.PES2013Season2016.kuyhAa”
  • => Download OF.PES2013Season2016.kuyhAa or Here

Copy “EDIT.bin” and “OPTION.bin” Then paste it into
C: \ Users \ username \ Documents \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 \ save

  • Please run the game of “PESEDIT.exe” Run as administrator Yes !!
  • Enjoy
  • outstanding greetings

For those who want to update PATCH NEW => HERE! Full Transfer Latest 2015/2016 By bedridden

Link Below ignore this! Because it was entering Full Transfer and over. If there are already Sutherland download below, further’ve just downloaded it does nothing.


PES 2013 Full Update 2016 2015


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