How To Clean Up icloud

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How To Clean Up icloud


How To Clean Up icloud

Clean Up icloud, When referring to the latest leak, then Apple is likely to release the iPhone 6s with the 16GB model as the cheapest variant. I wonder what that into consideration Apple so that they are not also leave the 16GB model and using the 32GB model as the cheapest models such as Samsung, which is clearly an internal memory of 16GB is clearly inadequate for the needs of the moment, considering the rest of memory that can be used are usually only half the numbers The.

The best solution is to optimize the service iCloud from Apple, which you can use 5GB free for your purposes. But what if the ration is also exhausted and you still can not connect your iPhone to the computer to move the data in it?

No need to worry, because there is an easy way to clean up iCloud and this process will not take long. First, go to Settings and then tap on iCloud option. Once entered, select Storage> then select Manage Storage. Well, from here will you find that your iCloud account is usually full because suddenly these services mostly used to store backup files from the old iPhone.

After identify which files are backup files from your old iPhone, just select the file and Delete Backup. It should be noted that the backup files are removed only from the old iPhone, not the file backup for the iPhone you are using. 1 file backup can be sized up to 2GB more, so if you previously had 2x perform a backup, then you will be able to get the remaining space closer to 5GB. You can also delete files stored in the Documents & Data option; just select the icon of the associated application then swipe to the left of each item to delete.

Easy is not it? Good luck!

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