How to Check the authenticity of Windows 7 XP & Vista

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Windows 7 XP & Vista


Windows 7 XP & Vista – want for science interested kah nie ? This science seputaran PROVEN GENUINE Windows 7 XP. not ..? not just symbols are GENUINE .. turn updated ahhaha pirated.well how to actually check the truth if windows 7 we really GENUINE. read on donk.I love how nie .. and this way I have proved in wINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE SP1 I have my 100% windows ABSOLUTELY GENUINE.without buying KEY (FREE) ..but at least we know that we have a GENUINE even without SERTIFIKAT. only use wINDOWS LOADER BY DAZ, in fact many activator windows .. but the only one I mentioned ..

because most mate only meilikinya and activation WITHOUT IN THE VALIDATION BY MICROSOFT. !! then I share this ..

ok .. back to the topic ..
ngemeng-ngemeng about GENUINE nie .. here I would love to check WINDOWS HOW DO WE REALLY GENUINE ..

Cekidot interested

just a suggestion nie y .. if activation is still using the old loader, use the latest loader used to sob .. just to make sure that the SAFE. ok

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