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Hit2k.com – Hexlock  App Lock Security For Android 2015, With so many social media that are present today, such as Facebook, Path, Instagram, and BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), certainly makes us as smartphone users are increasingly concerned with the security of our privacy. In order for an application that we think the secret can not be opened to others, usually we use the Application Lock.

However, many of the applications lock-consuming burden of RAM / Memory large, thus making slow the smartphone owners. Just imagine if the application is running in lock-kind smartphone RAM 1 GB, of course, very unpleasant.

Then, Is there a Lock Security ?


Of course there is, just find the lock BAGAS31 Android lightest and does not take that much RAM. The application named Hexlock, owned The liquid, who served as one of the Top Developer in the Google Play Store.

Download Hexlock Android

Hexlock  App Lock Security For Android 

Download and Install Android Hexlock at you, then run Hexlock. When first opened, you will be asked to choose a method of locking, can be through two ways, namely PIN or Pattern. Please choose according to taste.


If you have, you can choose what applications you want to use Hexlock key.


Click “Start Locking Apps” to start locking. Hexlock provide 3 types of applications that want to be locked models, ranging from “Off”, “Work” and “Home”. 3 of this profile, you can set a different application each profile.


So What If There were Uninstall?

Do not worry, this is great Hexlock. You can enable the “Uninstall Prevention” that has been provided in Hexlock. Simply go to Settings, then replace “Disabled” to “Enabled” in the Uninstall feature Prevention.


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