Might and Magic Heroes VI Free Download

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Might and Magic Heroes VI Free Download

Might and Magic Heroes VI  2015 :

Hit2k.com – Might and Magic Heroes VI Free Download is a strategy game available in market which is developed by Black Hole Entertainment, Limbic Entertainment or Virtuos and published by Ubisoft on 13 October 2011. This game has been only launched for Microsoft Windows. You can either enjoy playing this game alone as single player or can invite your family and friends to play with you as multiplayer. You can control number of heroes in this game with different factions.



The graphics of this game is fantabulous with detailed surroundings, characters, weapons and environment. The background music of this game is amazing which also adds life to this game. Each and every section of this game comprises of almost two different heroes. This game is one of the most thrilling games which totally based on angel warfare. There is city name Ashan included in this game where angels have restored an unending warfare with their rivals.


Rival family of angels is known as Griffin with whom they have to take revenge in disordered situation. For some help they have hired a barbarian named Crag Hack who has ordered to defeat the rivals of angels. The main villain of this game is named as Sandro who is very clever and planning to take the whole control of Ashan. There are new places added to this game which a player can explore whereas you can also build more cities, collect maps or enrol your troops in this game. There are variety of weapons added to this game.

Download :  Might and Magic Heroes VI Free Download

Minimum System Requirements of Might And Magic Heroes VI Gold Edition.

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disc: 8 Gb

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