Angry Birds Star Wars Working Setup Free Download

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Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars Working Setup – Angry Birds Star Wars Free Download is one of the most famous, renowned and well known adventurous and puzzle games available in market which is developed by Rovio Entertainment and published by Chillingo or Clickgamer on 11 December 2009. This game has been launched for various platforms including Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. You can only enjoy playing this game alone as single player.

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A group of green pigs steal eggs of birds which make those birds angry and furious to take revenge from them. All you need to do in this game is to control those angry birds and guide them to retrieve their eggs. Most of these green pigs are under the shelter like stones, woods or ice blocks which you need to break in order to kill those birds. This game basically based on the projectile motion in physics. You need to make sling shots in order to kill all of the pigs.

Angry Birds_Hit2k

You need to throw the bird with an accurate angle onto the pigs to destroy them and retrieve all of the eggs. As the game passes and levels get completed you will get more birds to play with and new levels will also get unlocked. Every bird including in this game has unique quality and ability through which they can destroy their enemies. There are many other objects like TNT or other power-ups added to this game. This game has outstanding graphics with detailed surroundings and characters whereas the background music of this game is amazing which adds life to the game.

Download:   Angry Birds Star Wars Working Setup

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