Alan Wake PC Games Free Download With Crack

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Alan Wake PC Games Free Download – Alan Wake Free Download basically based on the psychological survival horror game which is developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Game Studios on 14 May 2010. This game has been launched for various platforms including Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. You can enjoy playing this game alone as single player. There are two different stories included in this game special one and special two. In special one it’s all about signal whereas in special two it’s about a writer.

Alan Wake PC Games Free Download

The town which is shown in this game is fictional. Locations where this game can be played are different and quite horrible like parks, farms and forests. All you need to do in this game is to control the main character of Alan Wake. This game is all about fight between light and darkness. Darkness is thought to be one of the dangerous things for humans and an animal too as it is destroying them. Taken are the enemies of this game who are basically shadows which can attack you from anywhere.


They are powerful with some tools like shovel and knives. Alan is the leading role who has an ability to dodge these enemies in quite slow motion mode and attack them. There is a shield around taken which is made of darkness and save them. But you can destroy that shield by help of flash light. In this game only a flash light is more important weapon than anything else. You can use and other sources of lights like street lamps and many others. In this game you can also make many discoveries like Alan Wake novel, television and many other things.



Alan Wake PC Games Free Download

Alan Wake System Requirements

  • 1. Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/ Windows 7 and 8.
  • 2. CPU: Dual Core 2 GHz.
  • 3. RAM: 2 GB.
  • 4. Hard Disk: 8 GB.

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