Alice Madness Returns Free Download

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Alice Madness Returns :  – Alice Madness Returns Free Download is one of the famous and most popular action and adventurous games available in the market which is developed by Spicy Horse and published Electronics Arts on 14 June 2011. This game has been launched for various platforms including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. You can only enjoy playing this game alone as single player.


Basically this game belongs to the Alice sequel 2000. Alice is a girl who blames herself for the fire that kills her family and burned down her house. After that she gets escaped where she reached a horrific wonderland which is much different from fairytale wonderland. This story is about Alice in 1875 who is living in an orphanage in London with Doctor Augus Bumby who is well known psychiatrist and perform hypnotism for the treatment. After hypnotism she found herself in wonderland where she finds so many new characters and things.


You will be playing the role of Alice to dodge, attack, run and jump. There are so many different weapons added to this game which you can use whereas vorpal blade is her significant weapon which she can use throughout the game. Rose petals will show you the health meter of Alice and when her health reach zero you have to start the game again from most recent check post.

Alice Madness Returns Free Download

So many additions and modifications have been added to this game. Graphics of this game is stunning and fantabulous with detailed surroundings and characters and background music is amazing.

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