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Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers

Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers Free Download – Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers is one of the most popular flight simulation video games available in market which is developed by Games Farm and published by bitComposer Games and Maximum Games on 7 December 2012. Up till now this game has been launched for various platforms which include PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. You can enjoy playing this game as single player only. Basically this game belongs to the sequel of Air Conflicts game which was launched in 2006.


This game is based on WWII whereas this game allows you to select your choice of team which includes US Navy and Imperial Japanese Navy. With this game you will enjoy the famous and renowned war which took place in Pacific. There are so many kinds of weapons added to this game which you can take with you to the war by putting them in your aircraft.


In this game you also have an opportunity to take the command of your whole squadron and you can also enjoy controlling their movements. In this game you will enjoy approximately 13 different aircrafts, 21 different battleships, 3 aircraft carriers and much more.


This game also allows you to take full control over the guns of your ships. To check your enemies and make searching for new missions you can simply use watch tower. You can also play this game for improving your pilot skills while there are 4 different modes to play as multiplayer. Graphics of this game is stunning even the background music is amazing.

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