Prison Life RPG 1.3.1 Cracked APK 2015 [Latest]

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Prison Life RPG 1.3.1 Cracked APK 2015 [Latest]

Prison Life RPG 1.3.1 Cracked APK 2015 [Latest] – Prison Life RPG 1.3.1 Cracked APK 2015 inmates, this is talking Warden. Welcome to the prison where he is doomed to play! Can you survive the hard life in prison? Can you escape before his execution? RPG Life imprisonment is a high quality game without advertising or in-app purchases. Hooray! Prison Prison PROSPECTUS Life is a survival roguelike RPG + + + simulation that puts you. Behind Bars To survive the punishment of the prison system to remain, to win allies healthy and fit, eliminate enemies, bribing guards, combating illegal betting on boxing and the pressure on probation or are planning to need to escape it.

Capability with over 100 prisoners to interact FOR prison, never get bored! You can play as one of the 100 prisoners! ACTIVITIES Prisoner television, call your grandmother, learn skills, crafts, intimidated, washing baths, flirt with the beautiful doctor in nursing, bribing guards or just idling around! Social connection Make friends and join to increase with gangs to defend themselves, fight, and, of course, out of power. Be careful, the leaders are offended to beat or even kill prisoners! Draw your ESCAPE There are many ways to get out of prison. You only need to bring the right tools and talent to achieve the perfect plan!

Prison Features

  1. 100 prisoners to play as, each with his own Personal Goal/Mission
  2. 18 skills to learn and master
  3. 4 gangs to join and climb up the ranks
  4. Recruit up to 7 inmates in your escape plan
  5. 80+ items to collect or craft
  6. 126 nicknames/achievements to earn
  7. 20+ different jobs
  8. Different ways to escape from prison
  9. You will die plenty of times
  10. Lights out!
  11. Warden

How to install?

  • Save the downloaded .apk on your android phone’s SD card
  • Run and install it
  • Extract and copy the OBB folder in SDcard > Android > OBB > com.nobstudio.chengshuwan.prisonLifeRPG
  • That’s it,Enjoy!

Prison Life RPG_1

Prison Life RPG_2

Prison Life RPG_3


Prison Life RPG 1.3.1 Cracked APK

Prison Life RPG OBB Data (53.4 Mb)

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