Metal Slug 6 PC Game Download 2015 [Latest]

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Metal Slug 6 PC Game 2015

Metal Slug 6 PC Game 2015 –  Metal Slug 6 PC Game Full Download is belong to one of the most popular run and gun game and stood sixth in the sequel of Metal Slug which is developed by SNK Playmore and published by Sega, SNK Playmore on 24 February 2006. The game has been launched for various platforms up till now which includes Arcade, PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. You can enjoy playing this game either alone as single player or can invite your friends and family to play with you in 2 Player co-op mode.

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There are two teams one is Peregrine Falcon and other is Sparrows which include four people and they are ordered to investigate where they moved towards mountains and rescue the Martians by killing the Queen. You can play this game with single player only but if you need to add the second player to your game you need to on the co-op feature where you can use specific buttons of keyboard to play as second player.

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Graphics of this game is stunning with amazing background music which basically adds life to the game. This game now includes many improved and enhanced backgrounds, weapons and missions. While running or gunning you can pick as much bonuses and weapons as you can. Some missions of this game also include mummies, aliens and zombies whereas the difficulty of mission is different according to the level. You need to destroy your enemy by targeting to get points and you can slide, shoot, jump or perform various different actions.

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Metal Slug 6 PC Game Download  2015

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