Update: Hack Tools set Application For Android Games and Applications

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Hack Tools set Application For Android Games and Applications, or games already widely circulating in cyberspace. With the hack tools, making the game interesting and also create applications that run less boring than usual.

Application Hack Tools This course requires root access in its use. If your Android smartphone yet rooted, you can use Root Method All Android with TowelRoot
Here Jake has a collection of the most popular Hack Tools are used to manipulate data in the game or application

SB Game Hacker :


For those already familiar with Cheat Engine, certainly will not be too difficult to use this application. Hacker Game Cheat Engine is an Android version. You can scan and change the value of its scan results.

Download :

Freedom :


Google Play InApp Purchase implement the system in order to conduct transactions securely. However, there are some applications that still has weaknesses in its InApp Purchase. Freedom goes by utilizing the gap and make InApp Purchase can be purchased without having to use a credit card.

Download  :

Freedom 1.0.6

Lucky Patcher :


Troubled with license verification? Lucky Patcher is the best solution. With the lucky patcher, license verification system that exist in the application is modified so that you can use it without interruption application license.

Download :

xxzhushou 1.2.0 :



Not much different from the SB Hacker Game, Game Killer useful to manipulate the game data or Android.

Downlaod :

Game Guardian :


Game Cheat Engine Guardian also an Android version. Game Guardian used to scan the data from the application and change its value.

Download :

Xmodgames :


Not much different from the previous xxzhushou, the difference is XmodGames use English for its interface. So for the new users will have no difficulty in using this XmodGames. To function, XmodGames remains the same as xxzhushou.

Download :

DaxAttack :

DaxAttack 2.0.5

Hacktools DaxAttack is an application that has the same function as the cheat engine. DaxAttack is a tool that is rarely used ones, so DaxAttack still not detected by many applications or games.

Downlaod :



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