Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom bankrupt

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megaupload-hit2k Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom bankrupt ,Still remember the founder Kim Dotcom-sharing site Megaupload arrested and detained because of the problem of copyright infringement on the internet thing? After months of facing demands endless, Kim was now saying that he had been bankrupt.

Through telekonfren via Skype does with Digital Unbound, Kim said that after struggling for three years, his legal team resigned because he ran out of money. Though Kim has spent $ 10 million in the face of demands that it receives. Bankruptcy is also caused by the formation of a political party, the Party of the Internet, which has failed to gain a place at a general election in New Zealand two months ago.

In its heyday, Megaupload was accessed by 50 million users per day and accounts for about 4% of total Internet traffic worldwide. Since its founding in 2005 until 2010, Megaupload has generated more than US $ 175 million and become the number 13 in the world. Even Kim Dotcom could have a wealth estimated at US $ 42 million. The success it had made Kim live in luxury.

Kim Dotcom was arrested at his home in 2012 and because of alleged copyright infringement, money laundering, and fraud by making use of the site Megaupload. Now the time has changed, since detained by the government of New Zealand, has a lot of money that is issued in order to cope with the demands of the government of New Zealand and the United States. And the resignation of his legal team, now Kim struggled alone to face a lawsuit against him.

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