Strati, First Car Made by 3D Printer

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Strati, First Car Made by 3D Printer- HIT2K.COM

Hit2k.comStrati, First Car Made by 3D Printer,Local Motors, the automotive company based in Arizona managed to create something new was first done by another company. They managed to create a car that is physically printed using a 3D printer and assemble as a whole.

Amazingly, the car named Strati is able to function layanya other factory-made cars. Using the power source of the battery, Strati can cover a distance of up to 193 km with only one battery charge alone. Strati even managed to be driven up to the speed of 64.4 miles per hour. One thing that is somewhat unusual for such a mini car.

In contrast to conventional cars which have skitar 5000 to 6000 parts, Strati only 49 parts of the course. This has included bodies, motors, wheels, seat passenger and the driver, to the windscreen. Everything is printed using a 3D printer using thermoplastic base material which is then reinforced with carbon fiber. Assembly process was not as complicated as an ordinary car. Strati technicians are able to assemble within 44 hours.

Although not yet marketed freely, Local Motors has plans to produce it for the general public. The price range has been set at around US $ 18,000 to US $ 30,000, depending on the desired design features and buyers.

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