New Features New FootBall Manager 2015 Released

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New Features New FootBall Manager 2015 Released

Hit2k.com – The best-selling football management game in the world, Football Manager 2015, finally officially released to the market. The gameplay is also commonly referred to by the acronym FM 2015 comes with new features that will spoil his fans. In addition, the game also presents a more realistic appearance matches than before.

New Features

In general, there are 7 new features on FM 2015 game. Such features include training style, the look, the position of the player, to the gameplay of the classic mode. Following a detailed review of each of these features, as quoted from the official website:

Management styles

When I first started the game, you are required to choose a style of training you want, whether it ‘tracksuit manager’ or ‘tactical manager’. Tracksuit manager will spend more time in the gym while the tactical manager is more focused on the purchase and selection of pemain.Tidak only that, you also can now choose more than one favorite club. Favorite tactics and also the type of player can set your favorite at the beginning of the game. In the course of the game, you will also get a badge if successfully achieved a certain achievement.

Match view more realistic

Display alias match match view is also now look more realistic with the addition of more than 2000 animations, ranging from celebration to protests from players. Lighting systems, spherical shape, to the type of stadium also received significant updates.

job interviews

This feature is already there since the game Football Manager 2014, but is now back got a renewal. Prior to coaching a club, you are right by the club owner asked about a variety of things. The longer and the more you train the club, it will be the more his question.

The new user interface

Football Manager 2015 match viewSalah one of the most striking of the game FM 2015 is a display interface that changed. You can now access various menus with ease so it does not take much to click on some menus that ‘hidden’.

Scouting Center

With internet browser search bar style, search players are now made easier and friendly. The search can also be refined with the addition of several new filters. One of the new filter included the search of players that are not at home at the club so that you can persuade him to pindah.Proses scouting or gifted talent search is also now easier. You can instruct scouts to find players who will patch the weakness of the current teams or players looking to the future. The scouts also now will report the results of the analysis with a more complete and detailed.

Player roles and movement

In Football Manager 2015 game, there are four roles aka new role for the players. With so managers can now more freely again set the tactics for his team. The fourth role is Roaming playmaker, Raumdeter, Inverted Wing Backs and Wide Playmaker.Selain role, movement or movements typical of a player also gets extra of which is’ refrains from shooting from distance ‘, and’ Likes to throw the ball long to start counter attacks’ for a goalkeeper. There are also ‘Penalty Box Player’ which is usually pinned to a Ruud van Nistelrooy.

Football Manager Classic

Football Manager Classic is a mode which is preferred by managers who do not have much time to play. On FM 2015, you can skip straight preseason and played in the competition so you do not need much time to party ujicoba.Beberapa unlockable feature is also added in this latest series like ‘unsuspend Player’, to remove the suspension and ‘dodgy lasagne’ for mental damage your enemy. There is also a ‘Lifetime Player’ to sign a player for life for the case of Frank Lampard scored against Chelsea does not happen again.

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