Leaking Secrets Boss Twitter Medium Approach Justin Bieber

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Leaking Secrets Boss Twitter Medium Approach Justin Bieber

Hit2k.comTwitter Medium Approach Justin Bieber,It has been recently leaked secret that Twitter is trying to approach the Justin Bieber who is the owner of the application Shots. The funny thing is, this secret was revealed to the pubic after one of the top Twitter, Anton Noto, inadvertently chirp in their own media.

Through Twitter account, Antoni Noto said, “I still think we have to buy it. He is scheduled to meet on 15 or December 16, we need to meet him. I have a plan. ”

It is torn into various media reports regarding interest Twitter for mobile applications Shots. Shots are mobile applications like Instamatic, but more focused on sharing photos selfie. Applications claimed to be very popular among adolescents under the age of 24 years. In November 2013 then, Bieber invest US $ 1.1 million for Shots. Shots itself was developed by two brothers John and Sam Shading.

Twitter is currently interested in the commercial value of Shots were then purchased Bieber. Moreover, it can be regarded as rescue measures for Twitter after the previous application that failed to compete with Instamatic Vine.

Until now there has been no official statement from both sides on these matters. Or it could be from that moment did not dare Antoni Noto started twittering in Twitter, fear of leaking secrets between them back.

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