How to Make Your Own Smartphone Tongsis

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Tongis-Hit2kHit2k.comHow to Make Your Own Smartphone Tongsis,Who the hell are not familiar with Tongsis? Tools that may have been popular among Adolescents Narsis has become one of the primary needs for those who like their shared selfie boyfriend, friends and even family. However, there are costs that need to be spent to buy this Narsis tool. Now therefore I Admin – Ghulam Muhuddeen willing to share a little bit about How To Make Smartphones Tongsis with secondhand goods.

First Step.
Prepare in advance materials and equipment.
1. Stick iron (others can too)
2. Solatip / Solasi White
3. Former sterofoam
4. Knife / Cutter

How to Make Your Own Smartphone Tongsis-3

Step two
Cut sterofoam accordance Holder or size can also fit you

How to Make Your Own Smartphone Tongsis-1

Step Third and Fourth
Measure sterofoam according to the horizontal portion of your Smartphone. And Mark with a pen, then Cut. Remember! The more fitting size in pieces. The better, because preventing Smartphone Fall Risk.

How to Make Your Own Smartphone Tongsis

Step Fifth and Last
Glue Smartphone Holder with Iron Handle with Solatip. Remember! Glue with Closely. So that Holder and Pole not experienced Loose and Smartphone Fall. The bottom line is getting good Toned. And Tongsis Handmade is ready to selfie joint family friend and boyfriend


Not easy enough? Hopefully Helpful 🙂

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Hopefully Helpful : )
Regards, Admin – Ghulam Muhuddeen

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