GrabTaxi, Best Taxi Messaging Application in Indonesia

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grabtaxi-Hit2kHit2k.com.com – GrabTaxi, Best Taxi Messaging Application in Indonesia,Probably many of you who are not familiar with GrabTaxi, taxi reservation application that begins to show its presence in Indonesia. With GrabTaxi, Taxi passengers can easily find the taxi, because it has provided some point locations are ready picked up by the taxi is.

How to use this application is also quite easy, You just input your location, Enable GPS in order to more easily determine the accurate location and choose your destination destination also.

If you position now been found, it will be caught dots taxi locations that are ready to pick you.

GrabTaxi, Best Taxi Messaging Application in Indonesia

If you ask me personally, this GrabTaxi better than the default app Taxi itself, such as the Bluebird or Express. Because the taxi driver himself directly using GrabTaxi as a means of finding customers.

What are the advantages of GrabTaxi?

Taxi To Less Than 10 Minutes
Yes, based on my own experience when ordering a taxi using GrabTaxi, Taxi will come you did not attend more than 10 minutes (depending on road conditions and congestion) Â Why can quickly? Because Application GrabTaxi connected directly to the driver that area is around you, so that makes it easier to look for passengers and you did not have to wait long.
We Will Feel Safe
This is important, because one GrabTaxi feature called Share My Ride allows users to share the condition of his journey, being where and at what time. In this way, we can share the situation in order to continue to be monitored, so that we will continue to feel safe and comfortable.
This application is available in a variety of platforms such as Android, iOS and BlackBerry




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