Finally Succeed Beyond Windows 8.1 Windows XP

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Finally Succeed Beyond Windows 8.1 Windows XP – Finally Succeed Beyond Windows 8.1 Windows XP,Although the beginning of its presence had been criticized and shunned by users, Windows 8.1 finally surpassed gains obtained by Windows XP. Windows XP is the operating system Microsoft is phenomenal where ‘death’ still lamented by users who are happy with the resulting performance.

According to statistics published by StatCounter, in November, Windows 8.1 shows an increase in the use of the acquisition of 11.92% of desktop users worldwide. This figure compared to Windows XP thin lead of 11.79%.

Windows 7 is still dominated by the scoring of 55.95% for desktop users. For its mobile operating system (Windows Phone 8 and 8.1), won approximately 17.42%. Meanwhile, Apple’s desktop operating system, Mac OS X, used by approximately 8.98%.

The advantages achieved by Windows 8.1 is not surprising considering Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows XP since last April. Microsoft is also working hard mendotong users to switch to a more modern system is Windows 8.1. However, many users of Windows 7 are still reluctant to switch to Windows 8.1 with reasons still looks the same as Windows XP.

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