Chicken Chase V.1.02 (Portable)

Posted by – Chicken Chase V.1.02 (Portable) is a unique game that make you pull out your strategy and logic into play, because in this game you are required to become a chicken farmer who must care for and breed chickens that there be many and not to die from lack of food or rainmaking by pests (wolf). Level that would like to play first starts from level 1 to level 50, each level must be completed given the task and the higher the level the higher the assigned task.


Chicken Chase V.1.02 (Portable)

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Here are 5 type of chicken you should recognize before playing …

  • Laying Chicken: chicken type is just eating and laying course, can not incubate.
  • Incubating chicken: Chicken This type works only lay eggs produced laying hens
  • Rooster: Rooster is responsible for protecting all populations from attacks chicken hawk.
  • Magic Chicken: Chicken magic can emit blue gems, which can increase the amount of our money. This magical chicken food instead of the food we provide, but this chicken eat eggs produced laying hens.
  • Sacred Chicken: Chicken is almost the same as a magic chicken, the same food as the other chickens, but the advantages of this chicken that if met with a magic chicken will issue a red gem and has a high value.

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