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AdQuest-logo-Hit2kHit2k.com – AdQuest, application of Money in Android ,Some time ago I wrote an article The Most Easy Way to Dollar of Android. The way menadapat positive response from many people, as many who have managed to get dozens or even hundreds of dollars out of the way. Well, now I want to introduce AdQuest, applications similar to whiff as a moneymaker on your Android Smartphone. The way it works is not much different from the whiff, it’s just that, AdQuest using Point and Rupiah, making it more familiar to us.

As I’ve said, AdQuest is monetize applications that require us to install applications that are inside. Then what will we get? We will be able to be 100-500 Point (100 points = Rp 1.000, -). Just like a whiff, if we are successful in getting a friend to use AdQuest, we will get 250 points, which is Rp 2,500, – / person we are.

Curious? Want to earn money from AdQuest? Consider the following tutorial.

  1. Download via Google Play Store and install AdQuest in your Android Smartphone
  2. If you have, Run AdQuest. For the first time, you must create an account first.
  3. Click the “Login” button and select “Gebung membership”. Fill in your email and password. Do not forget to enter the promo code “FirstPoint” so you can get a free 250 Point.

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  • If you’ve entered, you can resolve the existing QUEST or ADSs, result of each Quest varied, ranging from 50 points to 1000 points.


  • If you already have enough to make a withdrawal Point to Rupiah, Please go to NETWORK, THE REST column click the dollar is there, then it will appear like this.



Methods withdrawal point can be done in many ways, such as PayPal, Google Play Gift Cards, Steam Wallet, Smartphone and many more. Cobain deh AdQuest now!

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