SEO Plugin for WordPress Used HIT2K

Posted by – SEO Plugin for WordPress No software or games that I share this time, but a plugin that can be fairly important in boosting the performance of Hit2k so far


You can see from the above demographics, that 67% of visitors Hit2k comes from search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, then followed with Direct Links and Social (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). This proves that the impact of SEO is very important. So, do not ever underestimate the SEO.

SEO Plugin for WordPress  by Yoast

For you are His blog using WordPress Engine, SEO Plugins me any suggestions that I also applied for this Hit2k . Do not mean to patronize, I just want to share knowledge and simply sharing knowledge to you all about the importance of SEO in the web world.

SEO Plugin for WordPress Used HIT2K

By using this plugin, you can set up any title, description and keywords from the article, so the Google SERP will be more optimal. So that the effect of this plugin can be seen, I recommend that you use Google Web Master Tools as a research tool and Google Analytics as a monitoring tool.

Download WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

How to Install:

Login to your WordPress wp-admin
Go to “Plugins> Add New (Add New)> Upload Plugin”
If it is, plugin will appear in the sidebar menu reads wp-admin with SEO
Please configure your liking
Hopefully Helpful 🙂




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