Cracking Windows Passwords with Ease

Posted by – Cracking Windows Passwords with Ease ,Of course, the name Security does not exist in this world is perfect. Sometimes there will be a situation where we use the operating system can not boot because we forget the password or no password change our ignorant. But, on this occasion I will share a topic titled “How to Cracking Windows Passwords with Ease” without having complicated-complicated and should only take a little time, pal windows password can be changed. Obviously, this method must be known so that in case of such problems, my friend does not need to re-install.

Screen :

  1. Download the software first “HirenBootCD” then burn it to a CD or create a bootable flash with Rufus
  2. If completed, insert the CD into the CD-ROM pal laptop / PC would reset the password.
  3. Wait a while then it will be display as below.
  4. Cracking Windows Passwords with Ease  -
  5. Select “Mini Windows XP” and there will be a short loading process.
  6. So, immediately we will be faced with a Portable XP Operating system.
  7. Do not panic, just a few steps away.
  8. Click the start menu and select HBCD Menu.
  9. 3
  10. Select Programs and select passwords / keys. Next select the Windows Login and select again “NTWPEditxxxxx”
    Next, find files SAM in the following diretori.
    SystemDisk {} \ Windows \ System32 \ config
    It will appear in the list of existing users windows pal.
  11. Cracking Windows Passwords with Ease  -
  12. Select the user to reset the password then enter the desired new password.
    Do not forget to save changes and restartlah pal PC while removing the Hiren CD.

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