StartIsBack 2.1.2 Fully Activated

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StaStartIsBack_hit2krtIsBack 2.1.2 Fully Activated.Reportedly, Windows 8.1 or  Windows Blue. Will be released on 17th October. So while waiting for the Windows 8.1-release, this time I will share a piece of software for users of Windows 8.Named StartIsBack. From the name alone, my friend must have guessed what the function of this software is not it? Yep, StartIsBack is software or tools that serve to add the Start button on the Taskbar of Windows 8 buddy. With this StartIsBack software, look at the Windows 8 Start Screen buddy will change as the Start Screen in Windows 7. StartIsBack 2.1.2 Fully Activated

StartIsBack 2 Screen:

StartIsBack 2.1.2 Fully Activated


Password:   | Status: Tested (Windows 8)
Note: I have enabled StartIsBack this before, so my friend does not need to use a crack or something.

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