Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed – Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed is a racing game that is removed from the game which is quite phenomenal, namely Sonic. In the game Sonic and All. Stars Racing Transformed this, Sonic will not run, but the race using cars available. Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed provides a variety of existing characters.  From the original series, the game is also present for the PS3 and Xbox 360 also has many interesting features. Curious?

Stars Racing Transformed Screen:

Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed sonic2_hit2k sonic3_hit2k


  1. Sonic and All Stars-Racing T -Part-4

Password:  |  Status: Tested and Played (Windows 7)
  How To Install:

Download and Extract [Hit2k] Sonic and All Stars Racing
If prompted for a password, input
Open the folder and Run [Hit2k] Setup.exe
The installer is not English, so wear feeling aja, Approximately its Next button which. hehe
Wait until the installation process is finished
Game ready to play
When completed Install, Keep getting notification like this:


Finally Please download the file XINPUT1_3.dll (Download file), then the input to the folder C: \ Windows \ System32 (If the 32bit OS) or input to the C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 (if OS64 bit)

If you still can not play, could be that computer has not been installed:

Microsoft DirectX
Microsoft Visual C Redist ++
NET Framework latest
Happy Playing 🙂

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