JetBean 3 for Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 (Custom ROM) – A few days ago I have discussed about how to Root the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 , now I will post Custom ROM for Galaxy Ace 3 What is ROM? ROM stands for Read-Only Memory, ROM and technically refers to the storage media of a device which contains the files of the operating system. While Custom ROM is a ROM whose contents have been modified by a third party. By installing a Custom ROM, you will change the look of Android, and of course become more cool. Not only that, the features in Android you will also increase. However, installing a Custom ROM also has a variety of risks, such as Bootlop, Softbrick, and others.

Okay, Custom ROM which I will discuss in this post is JetBean 3 Custom ROM’s have a look very similar to Android 4.4 KitKat. In my opinion, this is JetBean 3 most stable Custom ROM. Why? Because so far I have not found any bugs in this ROM Custom. In addition, JetBean 3 is also very light in RAM usage, even lighter than the Stock ROM Galaxy Ace 3.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Screen:

JetBean 3 for Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 (Custom ROM) - Hit2k JetBean 3 for Samsung Galaxy Ace 3_hit2k











Before installing JetBean 3, you should first understand about How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 (GT-S7270) because we are not responsible if there are problems on your device, although this ROM I have tried and succeeded. Read the tutorial below carefully, and try not to make faux pas.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Download:

JetBean 3 for Samsung -Galaxy Ace 3

Password: | Status: Tested (Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S7270 3)

How To Install JetBean 3 on 3 Samsung Galaxy Ace

  • Backup files that you feel are important, such as Contact, Memo, etc.
  • Galaxy Ace 3 Make sure you’ve installed CWM Recovery and Root. If not, see the tutorial here
  • Download the above file, then copy it to your SD Card
  • Turn off the phone, then go into Recovery Mode by pressing the Volume Up + Home + Power simultaneously
  • In Recovery Mode, use the Volume Up & Down buttons to navigate and Power button to select
  • Select Wipe data / factory reset → Yes
  • Select Wipe cache partition → Yes
  • Sign in to Mount and storage menu, then select format / system → Yes
  • If it is, select Install zip from SDCARD Choose zip from SDCARD →, then select [ Hit2k ] JetBean
  • Wait until the installation is complete, then select Reboot system now
  • The first boot is usually rather long, about 10 minutes
  • Done 🙂

If there is a problem, contact me at:

Regards, AdminGHulam Muhuddeen

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