CheatBook Database 2012 Full Version

Ch-BokThank God I can finally post too, which I want to share today is a freeware software that is very useful function. CheatBook Database 2012, so from the name we can guess that this software is a collection-a collection of cheat almost all consoles (PC, PS1, PS2, PS3, Nintendo, iPhone, Xbox, etc.). And Cheat Book Database 2012 is also not only offer cheat alone, but walktrough (game guide) as well, so we do not need to open the internet again to find a cheat or walktrhough because almost all games at CheatBook Database 2012, it can save bandwidth passable hehe.

ScreenShot CheatBook Database 2012:

CheatBook Database 2012

And another great software is starting to collect Cheat and walktrough from 1998 up to now it has been so imagine how many hundreds of thousands of cheat here?
Any old windows games here like pinball, minesweeper also cheatnya 🙂

Please download if my friend would collect this important software.

CheatBook-Database 2012

Status: Tested (Windows 7 Enterprise)
Virus: Clean (AVG Internet Security 2012)
Enjoy The Great Software 🙂
Regards Ghulam Muhuddeen

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